This is the documentation for version 0.39. For documentation on the latest version of kpt, please see

Init (alpha)

Initialize a package with a object to track previously applied resources

NOTE: This alpha version of the command is for the new ResourceGroup as inventory object functionality. The alpha version of this command is not available unless the RESOURCE_GROUP_INVENTORY environment variable is set.

The init command will initialize a package using the next generation inventory object (ResourceGroup custom resource). See commands migrate and install-resource-group for more information. A Kptfile is required in the package directory.

The inventory object is required by other live commands such as apply, preview and destroy.


# initialize a package with the next generation inventory metadata
kpt live init my-dir/
# initialize a package with a specific name for the group of resources
kpt live init --namespace=test-namespace my-dir/


kpt live init DIRECTORY [flags]


  Path to a package directory. The package directory must contain a Kptfile.


  Identifier for group of applied resources. Must be composed of valid label characters.
  namespace for the inventory object. If not provided, kpt will check if all the resources
  in the package belong in the same namespace. If they are, that namespace will be used. If
  they are not, the namespace in the user's context will be chosen.
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