This is the documentation for version 0.39. For documentation on the latest version of kpt, please see


Diff the local package config against the live cluster resources

The diff command compares the live cluster state of each pacakge resource against the local package config.


# diff the config in "my-dir" against the live cluster resources
kpt live diff my-dir/

# specify the local diff program to use
export KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF=meld; kpt live diff my-dir/


kpt live diff DIR

Output is always YAML.

KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF environment variable can be used to select your own diff command. By default, the "diff" command
available in your path will be run with "-u" (unicode) and "-N" (treat new files as empty) options.


  Path to a package directory.  The directory must contain exactly one ConfigMap with the inventory annotation.

Exit Status

The following exit values shall be returned:

0 No differences were found. 1 Differences were found. >1 kpt live or diff failed with an error.

Note: KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF, if used, is expected to follow that convention.

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