This is the documentation for version 0.39. For documentation on the latest version of kpt, please see


Auto-generating function pipelines for different workflow orchestrators

Exports a workflow pipeline that runs kpt functions alongside necessary configurations.


# read functions from DIR, run them against it as one step.
# write the generated GitHub Actions pipeline to main.yaml.
kpt fn export DIR/ --output main.yaml --workflow github-actions
# discover functions in FUNCTIONS_DIR and run them against resource in DIR.
# write the generated Cloud Build pipeline to stdout.
kpt fn export DIR/ --fn-path FUNCTIONS_DIR/ --workflow cloud-build


kpt fn export DIR/ [--fn-path FUNCTIONS_DIR/] --workflow ORCHESTRATOR [--output OUTPUT_FILENAME]

  Path to a package directory.
  Read functions from the directory instead of the DIR/.
  Supported orchestrators are:
    - github-actions
    - cloud-build
    - gitlab-ci
    - jenkins
    - tekton
    - circleci
  Specifies the filename of the generated pipeline. If omitted, the default
  output is stdout

Next Steps

  • Get detailed tutorials on how to use kpt fn export from the Export a Workflow guide.

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