TypeScript Function SDK

Writing functions in TypeScript.

TypeScript Function SDK

We provide an opinionated Typescript SDK for implementing config functions. This provides various advantages:

  • General-purpose language: Domain-Specific Languages begin their life with a reasonable feature set, but often grow over time. They bloat in order to accommodate the tremendous variety of customer use cases. Rather than follow this same course, config functions employ a true, general-purpose programming language that provides:
    • Proper abstractions and language features
    • A extensive ecosystem of tooling (e.g. IDE support)
    • A comprehensive catalog of well-supported libraries
    • Robust community support and detailed documentation
  • Type-safety: Kubernetes configuration is typed, and its schema is defined using the OpenAPI spec. Typescript has a sophisticated type system that accommodates the complexity of Kubernetes resources. The SDK enables generating Typescript classes for core and CRD types, providing safe and easy interaction with Kubernetes objects.
  • Batteries-included: The SDK provides a simple, powerful API for querying and manipulating configuration files. It provides the scaffolding required to develop, build, test, and publish functions, allowing you to focus on implementing your business-logic.

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