Exec Runtime

Writing and running functions as executables

The Exec runtime is Alpha. It is disabled by default, and must be enabled with the --enable-exec flag.

Config functions may be run as executables outside of containers. Exec functions read input and write output like container functions, but are run outside of a container.

Running functions as executables can be useful for function development, or for running trusted executables.

Exec functions may be converted to container functions by building the executable into a container and invoking it as the container’s CMD or ENTRYPOINT.

Imperative Run

Exec functions may be run imperatively using the --exec-path flag with kpt fn run.

kpt fn run DIR/ --enable-exec --exec-path /path/to/executable

This is similar to building /path/to/executable into the container image gcr.io/project/image:tag and running – except that the executable has access to the local machine.

kpt fn run DIR/ --image gcr.io/project/image:tag

Just like container functions, exec functions accept input as arguments after --.

kpt fn run DIR/ --enable-exec --exec-path /path/to/executable -- foo=bar

Declarative Run

Exec functions may also be run by declaring the function in a resource using the config.kubernetes.io/function annotation.

To run the declared function use kpt fn run DIR/ --enable-exec on the directory containing the example.

apiVersion: example.com/v1beta1
kind: ExampleKind
  name: function-input
    config.kubernetes.io/function: |
        path: /path/to/executable

Note: if the --enable-exec flag is not provided, kpt fn run DIR/ will ignore the exec function and exit 0.

Next Steps

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