This is the documentation for version 0.39. For documentation on the latest version of kpt, please see


Publish kustomize bundles as packages of configuration

A kustomization.yaml is just another configuration file and works great for breaking packages into pieces.

Kustomize can be used to create packages with advanced structuring, instead of just a single flat YAML bundle:

  • Highlight pieces users are encouraged to modify by creating and documenting patches.
  • Define non-consumer-editable pieces of the package (referenced as kustomize remote bases) as separate from consumer-editable pieces (included in the package).
  • Create a package that can be deployed to multiple environments by defining dev, staging, prod as separate kustomization.yaml directories within a single package.
  • Enable cross-cutting edits by exposing namespace, common labels, etc in the kustomization.yaml

A kustomize package could simply be a kustomization.yaml referencing a base, and a collection of patches for the consumer to edit.

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