This is the documentation for version 0.39. For documentation on the latest version of kpt, please see

Set field values

Customize a local package by setting field values.

Dynamic needs for packages are built into tools which read and write configuration data.


kpt cfg set, setters, Kptfile

Kpt packages can be modified using existing tools and workflows such as manually modifying the configuration in an editor, however these workflows can be labor intensive and error prone.

To address the UX limitations of hand editing YAML, kpt provides built-in commands which expose setting values in a user friendly way from the commandline.

Rather than exposing values as input parameters to a template, commands modify the package data in place.

These commands are defined per-package through OpenAPI definitions which are part of the package metadata – i.e. the [Kptfile].

While OpenAPI is often used to define schema for static types (e.g. this is what a Deployment looks like), kpt uses OpenAPI to define schema for individual instances of a type as well (e.g. this is what the nginx Deployment looks like).

To see more on how to create a setter: create setter guide

Setters explained

Following is a short explanation of the command that will be demonstrated in this guide.

Data model

  • Fields reference setters through OpenAPI definitions specified as line comments – e.g. # { "$kpt-set": "replicas-setter" }
  • OpenAPI definitions are provided through the Kptfile

Command control flow

  1. Read the package Kptfile and resources.
  2. Change the setter OpenAPI value in the Kptfile
  3. Locate all fields which reference the setter and change their values.
  4. Write both the modified Kptfile and resources back to the package.


  1. Fetch a remote package
  2. List the setters
  3. Set a field

Fetch a remote package


export SRC_REPO=
kpt pkg get $SRC_REPO/package-examples/helloworld-set@v0.6.0 helloworld


fetching package /package-examples/helloworld-set from to helloworld

List the setters

The helloworld-set package contains setters which can be used to set configuration values from the commandline.

List Command

kpt cfg list-setters helloworld/

Print the list of setters included in the package.

List Output

    NAME      VALUE        SET BY            DESCRIPTION        COUNT
  http-port   80       package-default   helloworld port        3
  image-tag   v0.1.0   package-default   helloworld image tag   1
  replicas    5        package-default   helloworld replicas    1

The package contains 3 setters which may be used to modify the configuration using kpt set.

Set a field

Setters modify the resource configuration in place by reading the resources, changing values, and writing them back.

Package contents

# helloworld/deploy.yaml
kind: Deployment
 name: helloworld-gke
 replicas: 5 # {"$kpt-set":"replicas"}

Set Command

kpt cfg set helloworld/ replicas 3

Change the replicas value in the configuration from 5 to 3.

Set Output

set 1 fields

Updated package contents

kind: Deployment
 name: helloworld-gke
 replicas: 3 # {"$kpt-set":"replicas"}