This is the documentation for version 0.39. For documentation on the latest version of kpt, please see

Transformer Catalog

Catalog of Transformer Functions.

A transformer mutates resources, by an action such as changing a namespace or the image used in a pod, without adding new resources.

Transformer Functions

Image Args Description Example Source Toolchain [Demo] Mutates PodSecurityPolicy objects by setting spec.allowPrivilegeEscalation to false. Source Typescript SDK
N/A Sets the namespace field of all configs passed in. Source Starlark Runtime Sets the namespace field of all configs passed in. Source Go Library Removes the namespace field of cluster-scoped configs. Source Go Library [Demo] Adds a label to all Namespaces. Source Typescript SDK Render chart templates locally using helm template. Example Source Typescript SDK Sets cpu and memory reservations on all containers for Resources annotated with tshirt size. Source Go Library [Demo] Adds an annotation to all configs. Source Typescript SDK

Next Steps

  • Learn more ways of using the kpt fn command from the reference doc.

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